What is i-Trust?

i-Trust is an amalgamation of industry experience, ambition and combined vision for creating an organization that is a clients delight to work with and an employee's pride to be associated with. The organization is built on over 50 Man years combined leadership experience in various fields of technology and business. The protmoters have deep interest in business enabling Technology andspace and believe that right technology will provide solutions to number of business problems and helpsboosts growth of any organization.

What Can We Do For You?

• Complete software product engineering including analysis, architecting of solution, design, development, testing, deployment and engineering support. More
• One of its kind software product enhancements, qualifying on new platforms and interfacing between different systems. More
• Provide dedicated software teams to work under your management. More
• Market your products and provide after sales support like installation , commissioning and support.

We Are Progressive

i-Trust is a one-stop shop for all software development support requirements while maintaining an easy-to-access, agile, flexible novel approach derived out of number of years of hands on experience. We invest in exploring various technology options available from time to tme to be geared up to provide most appropriate solutions to client requirements. Our engineers keep updating themselves with all new tools and techniques in different domains/platforms continuously in order to achieve the goal of providing reliable , efficient and appropriate solutions.

i-Trust signifies zeal and basic interest in software development as an activity in addition to stand up to gain ‘Trust’ of business parners. While our experience fortifies us, we’re constantly adapting to new situations and keeping abreast of the latest trends in the Industry. Software development is about right technology and people who implement it. While technology moves fast, people are dynamic. To cater to this ever changing segment we cannot help but nurture flexibility and open-mindedness.

We Are Value Driven

Despite the apparent success and growth of the Indian offshore software development industry, it has until recently been difficult to judge the success of these new software initiatives. Current research and surveys reveal the following remarks HAUNTS Eenterprise customers having / opting for offshore development activity:

"Are we really saving money ? our effort to produce effective solutions has multiplied both in effort and time since we adopted offshore…"

"Do we have control anymore and I don’t know how to hold my offshore vendor accountable…"

These recent trends underscore a fundamental challenge with the typical direct offshore model. While the direct offshore model can work well when applied to older, existing systems where maintenance requirements are well understood and the required system changes are incremental, they generally produce poor results when expectations and needs are more dynamic.

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